Saturday, February 15, 2020


MAGIC: This is the sign that Spirit is reminding you that you co-create your world in a sacred partnership. our part is to dream, to intend, and to watch for the signs that show ou what next action to take. Right now it appears you are on the right track to make our dreams come true. Great Spirit is listening and acting on your behalf! Pay attention. Magic gives birth to miracles.

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


What could Galesburg become? Our city has been in existence since its founding in 1837, some 183 years ago. A lot has happened here. Colleges have formed and prospered; one (Lombard) floundered during the Depression. Railroads came and became dominant. Slaves came for refuge via the Underground Railroad and boxcar people made their impacts as well. A mental health center grew and was grossly underminded by national policies. In its wake a large prison was built. Large solar arrays are being installed as we write and a new library appears to be on its way.
These are things that have happened here (or soon will). What do you want to happen here? What type of City do you want to live in? Raise your kids in? We want to know. We suspect that others do to.
Why? Well, we firmly believe that such thinking is a necessary precursor for any positive change. Yes, leave your cynicism “inside” and let your dreams come out. We need dreams. We need them now.
You don’t have to start from scratch. Fortunately there have been some important developments over the past year or so that you should keep in mind as you formulate your dreams. For one, the City government had an external consulting firm complete a Comprehensive Plan as well as a Parks & Recreation Master Plan. These two lengthy documents, found on the City’s website (, contain a lot of very forward-thinking and thought-provoking ideas and should be perused by all residents. In addition, our city was blessed to be a Heart & Soul Community and thus underwent a two-year community-based project to determine its assets and key areas for improvement and innovation. One can find out more about the current state of this work at the Galesburg On Track Facebook page.
While these documents and activities are very important and worth looking at more closely, we definitely know that many people weren’t involved in these efforts (though Heart & Soul tried tirelessly to get as many stakeholders involved as possible). Some have been swamped with work and other personal distractions. Others have been paralyzed by misguided actions or political intransigence at the state or federal level. It is hard to watch TV today and not feel at least a bit powerless. Yet, we can’t afford to become complacent or despondent.
If we want our community to be a certain way, we need to make it happen. We need more resilience in case of climate change or some other challenge. We need more awareness of our true situation (as in hunger, homeless, mental health issues, etc.). We need more accountability in our local leaders. We need more effort. With more “hands-on-deck,” we can build/fix almost any “ship.”
On Wednesday, 6 PM, Feb. 19th, at the Knox County Brewing Company, we will convene for our sixth Many Paths Galesburg podcast:  Dreaming Galesburg into the Future. We would love input from the members of the community. Now is the time to dream. If not us, who? If not now, when?



Paulo Coelho