Friday, April 19, 2013

How to Make The Most Out of Your Life

  • Try to take the positive things in your life and use them to your advantage. Don't paint yourself into a corner. Keep as many options open as you can. 
  • Sleep at least 6-8 hours per night. It takes you unconscious mind at least that long to straighten you out.
  • Put work no higher than 5th on your priority list.
  • Do something worthwhile for someone else at least once per day.
  • Never hand feed an alligator.
  • Read a lot. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Give up the dime-store novels and check-out isle tabloids. They only clutter up your mind with nonsense.
  • Never take the advice of anyone claiming to know "the truth" or "the way." It will either screw you up or you will end up screwed.
  • Give yourself a break. You're going to make mistakes. The best you can hope for is they won't be fatal.

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