Saturday, October 25, 2014


I heard at the last Rock Porch music session that a local bank lost several mortgage loans because of the dissent going on in the Village over the two-tier assessment proposal and closed meetings of a public body. The people I was talking with thought it was awful that some were criticizing the powers that be and publishing it in the paper. Of course, I suggested that perhaps the problem was that the powers that be were violating the law, or otherwise being unethical concerning closed meetings, and that maybe they should have held open, public meetings before making up their minds that their ideas about the future of the Village were better than any that the general public might come up with. They got kind of funny looks on their faces, like how they looked when I asked if they follow Obama with such blind passion and devotion. Anyway, it's good to make new friends. I never miss an opportunity to stir the "status quo" pot. They call it misguided and disruptive. I call it expressing "positive doubt." They don't like conflict. They want everybody to blindly follow. Nothing good ever happens when that occurs. In the words of the revered sage George Carlin, "The status quo sucks."

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