Sunday, July 24, 2016


Well. It starts tomorrow. The Democratic National Convention. I have made a commitment to watch one minutes worth. There will be more back-peddling than front-peddling. What has been obvious has become fact. The DNC wanted Hillary, one of the good-old-boys. The super delegates are designed to accomplish just that: ignore the will of the people. The evolution is complete. The Democratic Party is now the moderate Republican Party. I will either vote for Jill, or will not vote. Neither candidate represents me. The Democrats have opened up the possibility of getting Trump for President. Trump hasn't done it. The Republicans haven't done it. The Democrats have. Victoria, B.C. is looking pretty good. Life under Trump would be unbearable. Life under Hillary would be living the lie. And it appears Bernie may have been kidnapped. We are about to become the laughing stock of the world. Comic-Con, whatever the hell that is, has nothing on reality. As for me, I still have some hope. I hope we can find a place in Victoria under $300,000. "Oh, Canada, our adopted home and native land." To get rid of me, send money. Preferably gold. Canada loves gold.

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