Thursday, November 9, 2017


  • If left alone to fend for themselves, men would become extinct.
  • Which came first: Adam and Eve, or Adam and Steve?
  • Rich people need to be very careful where they walk, lest they stumble over their own arrogance.
  • Never join an organization that takes a vote on whether or not you can join.
  • War helps those in power stay there. They watch, the poor fight.
  • Making a profit means you have exploited someone, somehow.
  • The executioner and the killer are one and the same.
  • Dead is dead, or so they say, when it come to dying.
  • In the scheme of things, the only thing more important than life is living it purposefully.
  • Read one fiction novel per week. It will help you escape reality.
  • When you hear someone say, "this is the truth."  Run.
  • Handing out guns to everyone will only cause us misery. It is not an answer to fear. (I suppose it actually is an answer to fear). Our time in the text books will be known as the 2nd Dark Age.
  • Still, in the midst of suffering, goodness and compassion will prevail. 

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