Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I don’t want to be a corporation. I came here to escape being part of a corporation. I want to be part of a community, using municipal rules and policies. I want to feel like I have a say in what happens. Not after the manager and board have decided, but before. Twiggs wanted a corporation, and hand-picked our manager to push, or pull, us along. Now we are running the place like a business. Finances are number one, like any business, and people number two, or three, or….
A community of 13,500 should be paying a manager around $60,000. (Frankly, that would be high). I wonder what we are paying ours? For that matter, I wonder what we are still paying Twiggs?  Or Troon? Or what we will end up paying for the gates? Or the swimming pool? Everything is a secret, particularly if it doesn’t work, which seems to be fairly often.
Our manager is under the illusion that we would have to become a municipality to use municipal rules. As a private club, we can use anything we want.  We can pick the best rules and policies from the best communities in the country. Nothing stops us from doing that but our leadership. After all, we became a corporation overnight. I don’t recall being asked about it. It just happened.
To continue along the corporate trail will force us to consider becoming a municipality in order to help assure democratic rule. Corporations don’t have that. They hand pick their boards and have elections for show. Sound familiar?
My paranoia is pushing me toward believing we been Trumped. But we could have just been fooled, which seems to be just about one-and-the-same. At any rate, I hope we begin to pay more attention. This is our town, not their company.

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