Monday, November 5, 2018


     Some people are upset about the current situation in The Village. I have heard it referred to as “squabbling.” Squabbling to me would be which day is wash day, Monday or Tuesday. No burning. The current problem we are facing is much more than that. It is about being a community vs a company. It is about having an open form of governance rather than a closed one. It is a matter of electing a council that represents “we the people,” not the CEO. It is in fact calling for the council to take charge, which is why we elected them, and dumping the title “CEO,” for a community manager or planner, that they hire and are in charge of.
     If we all decided to nod our heads in agreement, as the current board does and wants all of us to do, in order to avoid any conflict and simply agree with everything the board and CEO says and wants,  the Village would be set onto a course of self-destruction. It would look really pretty, with no one disagreeing with anything. It would make for an excellent brochure, with all the supporting quotes highlighted in capital letters. “Letters to the Editor” would have no opposing views, making their choice to publish easy.
     I am a firm believer that growth only occurs through conflict. Maybe crisis. Maintaining and propping up the status quo leads to stagnation and sameness. Look at your own life. Generally speaking, you have made changes when you were/are uncomfortable. When something dramatic, or traumatic, has occurred. The status quo hinders growth, although it looks pretty. Something of a comfort food: seems good for you, but almost never is.
     So here we are. We hopefully denied changes to the articles and declarations. Now for the board. Bobble-heads unwelcome.

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