Monday, December 3, 2018


Crushing defeat for Board of Directors and CEO. The proposed changes to the articles and      declarations were soundly defeated. Now what?
1    1.      The Board of Directors and CEO should resign. This is a clear and overwhelming declaration that they are taking us in a direction that we do not want to travel. They have been arrogant, secretive, and have made some horrible decisions. (I assume the ratification meeting has been cancelled). Short of them resigning, we need to elect three new board members who clearly state that they are in favor of a completely different direction. One more in tune with community, unity, and a desire to see our elected officials operate in the open, following more municipal rules and Robert’s Rules of Order. These changes are imperative for us to achieve the process of change we have started. We long for a community, not a corporation.
2    2.      The CMP should be put on hold. We need to find something in it that might be useful, but by-and-large it should be shelved. It was a tremendous waste of resources. Someone needs to be held accountable.
3    3.      A new board needs to change some of the careless and crazy things that have been adopted. We have way too many directors and are paying way too high of salaries to many, including the CEO. (Who should go back to being a manager or city planner).

We are clearly at a juncture in our existence as a retirement community. There are a lot of people living here who think change is bad.  They call it negative, disruptive. I do not happen to be one of them. Change is good, although almost always painful and chaotic. But necessary to keep things moving forward. Running HSV as a corporation is a bad idea. We want community.

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