Sunday, July 28, 2019


     If only Trump would disappear. Oh, there would be other troubles, that’s for sure. But the worst would be gone. That he has been allowed to get by with his idiotic nonsense for this long is a national disgrace. Democrats don’t know what to do. Only shows their ineptness. I for the life of me can’t figure out what is wrong with people. No better than Nazi Germany: we sit back and watch as he slides us into the primordial ooze. No agenda, only hatred, racism, paranoia, childish behavior, and the evilness to do whatever is necessary to make him and his rich friends richer, while the rest of us suffer. It is a play on everyone’s fear and insecurities. 

     I think it is time for us to take a page from the Puerto Rican people and hit the streets. Nothing else is going to bring Trump down. The Senate is filled with a majority of right-wing, rich white folks; the Supreme Court filled with a majority of right-wing justices; and the House filled with Democrats who are no better than moderate Republicans. Peloci would last two minutes at a progressive, liberal convention before she would be thrown out. The whole government is an impotent disaster. IT IS TIME WE TAKE CHARGE. In every state, every city, people should take to the streets, demanding new elections for the Senate, the House, and the Presidency. Everyone needs to be cleared out and the game started over. I can hear you. You say, oh, that would be complete chaos. I say, what the hell is the difference? We might as well go down swinging. Oh, they would shoot us, and gas us, and put us behind their fences, all in a desperate attempt to maintain their control and power over us. But we have the power of numbers. They can’t stop us all. Nothing is as important as stopping these maniacs. It has to be now, not next week or next month or at election time. The time is now. All of the progressive organizations wanting us to sign petition after petition need to get real. Trump and his merry band of followers don’t care how many petitions we sign. But they will care if we stop everything and don’t pay our taxes. Let all these hot-shots pay for the trillion dollar military budget they just passed. Let’s get the burden off of our shoulders and put it on theirs.

     The Call on this Tuesday morning is clear. The time is now, the indifference needs to end. We know what happens when everyone sits back and watches. We’ve seen it before.

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