Monday, July 30, 2012


* We need fewer rules and more common sense.  I hardly think we're children.
* We need economic development based on quality of life issues. People will do business with us if it looks good and feels right. We need to appeal to people who can do their work at home. We need a good high speed internet system. We need some relaxed, central meeting places. The Baby Boomers are coming. Get rid of all your preconceived notions for what this place should be and prepare for changes.
* We have a huge senior citizen population. How about some big bingo parlors with huge payouts, a better transportation system, and maybe a Saggies strip club.
* We should be able to capitalize on the low cost of living in this area. By and large, this is a low cost-of-living area. Your money can stretch a long way. But don't tell anyone about the state personal property tax, and keep them away from Cranford's.
* Diversity is paramount to the growth and well being of a community. The one thing Hot Springs Village is not is diverse. We are a white, Christian, right-wing Republican village. Anyone not meeting that criteria will feel oddly out of place.
* We could kick out all the right-wing Republicans, but I and a couple of other people would be the only one's left.
* We need a local beer. Having been a substance abuse counselor, I probably shouldn't make this suggestion, but a home brewed beer can do wonders for a community. And plenty of people drink around here. We could deliver our beer on the golf courses with a couple of pretty girls on carts. They would make enough tips to pay for their tuition, and we, the males, would be happy.
* We are in the heart of a golfing mecca. For a golfer, this is like dying and going to golf heaven. We do need to keep our prices in check, particularly for those of us living here, and our families. One course could be devoted to nude golfing, but I doubt that would be a good idea around here. For a lot of reasons. I have made enough contacts to understand that we do not pay our golf course workers near enough. These people keep the courses in excellent shape and should be able to make a living wage. And remember the beer, the girls, and maybe free popcorn.
* We have water galore. Fishing, swimming, boating. Golfing and water sport heaven. Now if we only had someone who could walk on water. That would be worth marketing.
* We need to spruce up our governance: The POA is a little shaky. Cooper couldn't have been near as bad. Or at least not any worse. We elect 7 people to lead us. I don't know where this people come from, but it must be someplace weird. They know rules and regulations. I'm guessing most are retired from the military. When you ask them a question, they either tell you to shut up, or tell you their rank. Last election, no one was re-elected. The next election, no one should vote. Giving us three minutes to say what is on our mind at meetings is ridiculous. How many of the board take three minutes to speak? It clearly violates our rights.
* We have so many things to do in the Village: We have a Bridge Club. Bridge seems to be a card game only us rich white folks play. A Civil War Club. I bet I know which side they are pushing for. If I joined the Democratic Club, I would probably be the only one there. The Village Skeptics has a certain ring to it, but I doubt they talk about anything but Obama. Then there's the Coin Club, the Cloggers Club, the Crochet Club, the Dulcimer Club, the Horseshoe Club, the Polish Heritage Club,  and the Irish Club. I'm surprised there is not a right-wing, Christian, Republican Club, but it's probably kept a secret. I'm going to start a recovery group for people who belong to too many clubs.
* We live in a gated community: This makes us feel safe and less fearful. Of course cows, pigs, sheep, and prisoners all live behind closed gates, so I'm not sure we should consider thlis as a positive.
You talk about being positive. The ideas just keep on coming.

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