Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Welcome to The Village Planet. The first post will be an editorial that appeared in the Village Voice, written by me.

The Peever moves to the Village

My wife and I moved here full-time in August, 2011. Some initial observations:
     1. While there is a wide range of resident experiences, which I enjoy listening to, and a whole lot  of really good people, there is a serious lack of cultural, religious, and political diversity. I suppose I should have expected that. Gates don't just keep out criminals. At any rate, I miss the diversity and believe this is the biggest weakness of Hot Springs Village.

     2. I have mixed emotions about our leadership. Again, diversity is sadly missing. The POA seems mired down in the status quo and its own self-importance. On at least two or three occasions since we have been here, they have exerted their authority to keep the public in check and continue on as they see fit. They have committees that appear to have no authority and seem to be used to help maintain the illusion that there is citizen participation, when in fact the manager and board do as they please. It is particularly distressing to see all the reasons they use to go into executive session. Control at meetings is tight. While decorum does need to be maintained, people need to be heard. It is our fundamental right, which they are seemingly having some problems with, which leads to my final point.

     3. It is hard for people who might have some different ideas and opinions to communicate in the Village. There is really no good media outlet to express minority opinions or dissatisfaction with the way things are going. To that end, it would seem like a good idea to start something. Thus is born The Village Planet. The other side of a lot of stories needs to be told around here. Nothing is more damaging to a community than sameness and unquestionable acceptance of the status quo.

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