Friday, March 20, 2015


I've been to five different states this winter, all with good weather and bad politics.  I'm afraid this appears to be a trend. Either I'm out of touch, or we are headed for a lot of trouble. I am predicting a lot of turmoil over the next two years. If you are poor or middle class, what little you have will soon be gone. THE RICH ARE IN CHARGE, AND INTEND ON GETTING RICHER AT OUR EXPENSE. However, this is not a doomsday prediction. This is only preparation for what is to come.
So far, the right-wing Republicans have blended a message of anti-choice with abortion rights, sexual preference, and pro-gun, pro-war, with their dismantling of the middle class and destruction of the poor. Once people realize this, they will demand justice. We already see this starting. The 60's will look like a picnic. Unfortunately, things will not likely be righted at the polls. The rich have too much control. I HOPE I'M WRONG.

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