Thursday, October 22, 2015


Time to take the plants in. Fall is about used up. I encountered this strange mushroom growing in one of the pots. A menacing looking little devil. It’s a bright lime color, like pistachio pudding, but without the pasticcios. Lime jello wouldn’t work to describe it, you can’t see through it. And I doubt it would giggle. While not very big, it looks like it would glow in the dark. Like it belongs in the dark. The stem burrows down into the soil, some of its flesh peeling off and falling next to it, reminding me of a creepy looking Halloween scene where faces are peeling off, probably zombies. The white stem gleams clear and bright enough to see yourself in, about 3 inches high, getting thicker towards the bottom, with a ring about a quarter of an inch down from the top. The top reminds me of a Chinese hat, I have no idea why, maybe an old cartoon. The stem appears to go deep into the pot, almost through the bottom, but not quite. It’s terracotta, clay red with a black band around the top. It is not going to get out of that pot, thank God. If you were to ingest that thing, it’s hard to tell what you might see. A mushroom I once ingested made me see music and I could smell color. This thing makes it look like you would regret the stupidity involved in trying to find God in a mushroom. This thing looks like bad news.

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