Wednesday, June 8, 2016


1. Our leadership has not been very good. I attribute that to all the ex-military people. They have no leadership skills outside of the military. They are not use to democracy, the military being the least democratic organization that you could possibly find. They do not listen and like to do things in secret. On a scale of 1-10, one being time for a revolution, ten being I must be living in heaven, we are a 2. That's up from a one.
2. I don't like all the rich people, although I suppose we, my wife and I, are thought of as belonging to that social strata. We have a lot of spoiled, right-wing Republicans. Not that I have anything against Republicans. But Trump is the best you can do? These folks buy fancy cars like I buy king size candy bars. And not cheap one's. Furniture, landscaping, fancy dinners. Everyone is trying to keep up with the guy next door. Luckily, the lot next to us is empty. I would prefer living next to people who think about the same struggles that I do, so I don't feel so all alone. The Village does not fill that bill.
3. We are not a culturally diverse group of old people. Anyone from other countries are seriously Americanized and talk better English than I do. Color is mainly white. No need for snow. We got all the white we need.
4. For a guy from the North country, Arkansas is hard to get used to. Life is different in the South. You could get up a regiment to start the Civil War over in half an hour. The confederate flag is sacred. The pace is slow. Not just slow, but really slow. If you hire someone, you are lucky to get them to the house, much less do the work you pay them for. I've been stiffed 2-3 times. That doesn't happen much when you have union workers. You can call the union. Out here, it's each man for himself. And most aim to cheat you. Now it's not fair to say everyone is out to take you. I would estimate it at about 8 out of 10.
5. The POA says prices for homes inside the Village are a good deal. I don't believe that. I think the prices are atrocious. You have to remember where we are. Which is basically in the middle of nowhere. Draw a 30 mile radius around the Village and figure the average cost of homes. It would be probably no more than $30-40 thousand. And that's probably a  high estimate. Real estate taxes would be $3-4 hundred. If you took it at face value, you would be insane to invest so much in the midst of so little. I have stupid syndrome.

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