Thursday, June 2, 2016


Things I like about the Village:
1. If you are a golfer, you can't beat it. Some really nice courses. At reasonable prices. If you are not a golfer, either start, or move. Your money is going to increasingly go for golf.
2. Restaurants are ok. Eating at a clubhouse, I don't need fancy. We're eating there cause we didn't feel like cooking. I don't need a $50-60 dollar meal on a whim. I need something good for $30 dollars or so. For a couple.
3. It's quiet. Unnervingly quiet. No trains. No sirens. No loud music. Only military planes, who, by the way, fly too low. The older you get, the less noise you need. You've pretty much heard it all.
4. There are plenty of things to do, if you like people. Clubs of every sort. I don't get involved with many. Personally, I don't trust clubs.
5. There's a lot of scenic beauty. inside and outside the Village. If I were 15 years younger, I'd buy a camper. You could go 25 weeks a year for 5 years within a 100 mile radius and never hit the same spot. Some of these old people still do that. If something goes wrong, what have they got to lose.  I, as it works out, am not one of them. I'm in love with the indoors.

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