Sunday, July 8, 2018


  • Hell is no further down the street than the first hungry child or the homeless person you walk by. 
  • Eve would have been better off with the snake.
  • Dying is not near as hard as living.
  • Killing and destruction have always been popular with humans. And, as far as war goes, always wrong.
  • There is no necessity for the human race to survive. Time could care less. At this point, probably God could care less.
  • You think you know the "truth." How is it you believe you are so important as to know "the truth." Sage advise: If someone tries to tell you "the truth," run.
  • If you have everything you need, and still want more, you are an example of the worst kind of human being.
  • We are all products of immigration. We all have the same blood. Our ancestors fled bondage for a new life. And now we would deny that for others?
  • If you find yourself in a state of mental confusion, where things just don't seem to add up, welcome to the Dark Side.

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