Saturday, September 15, 2018


     What we need in a director: With an upcoming election, it is important to review some of the things a good director should resemble.
      1. Director’s need to be aware it is they who are in charge, not the manager or other employees. This is not a corporation, or military base. This is a community. Directors hire the manager. The manager reports to them. They can accept, or reject, any information that they receive. They should not be nodding their heads YES all the time. Department heads report to the manager. If the manager wants a department head to give information to the director’s, it is just that: information, not policy. Everything is done by the director’s. That is who we elect. 2. Any elected director needs to question the documents being used to govern the Village. In many instances, they clearly are not democratic. We operate like a corporation. With military leadership. We need to operate like a municipality. With elected officials as our leadership. We need to revoke country club rules and adopt municipal rules. As an example, we should have no more than 2 reasons to go into closed-executive session. We presently have 8. Doing business behind closed doors is not democratic. It is nationalistic-militaristic. If this does not change, we will end up becoming a municipality out of necessity. 3. The comprehensive master plan has been adopted. It was way too expensive. The director’s need to look for something useful and direct the manager to implement what seems reasonable. Not the other way around. I doubt there is any mention of revamping the leadership style. Unfortunately. 4. We need to take care of “what is,” not what we guess “will be.” 5. Read about the military-industrial (corporate) complex.

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