Monday, September 17, 2018


     The breakdown of community: Our leadership has let us down. The board and CEO have wondered away from democratic rule, toward corporate rule, which is a far cry from democratic.
     They continue to make decisions about our future behind closed doors, encouraged by the board president. They took numerous votes in closed session to get our CEO a $30,000 bonus. The board verbalizes transparency, but does otherwise. Eight reasons to go into closed session, the eighth stating for any reason they want. This cannot be called illegal, since we are not a municipality. Unfortunately. Not yet.  As a private club, we can do whatever, which definitely needs to change.
Short of becoming officially a municipality, we need a board that will adopt municipal rules to govern us. All the bylaws and proposed articles and declarations we have are designed to run Hot Springs Village as a corporation. I, for one, and I know there are many others, stand firmly against this. We need to vote for 3 candidates opposed to this direction. And a fourth person on the board to join them, which seems unlikely. We were once again duped the last election. All followers.
     Voting “NO” on the proposed articles and declaration will send a clear message to the board and CEO that we are having nothing of their proposed corporate rule. Corporations have their place, but not in running a community.
     And as for an orientation session, I would skip it if I were a candidate. It appears to be more of an indoctrination session. Completely undemocratic and an attempt to intimidate and control the candidates even before they are elected.
     As for a recruitment committee, I would assume they are looking for the finest followers. Any candidate that comes out of this committee, beware.

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