Friday, November 1, 2019


CONSUMERISM: Just in time for Christmas

     Spending money and consuming goods. It’s the American way. Buy. Buy. Buy. We are told it is good for the economy. More jobs. More choice. A better, happier life. But many are now countering that simple living is more sustainable. Better for the environment. Less debt. Less stress. So, which will it be: more or less?
     At Christmas, we typically go into a buying frenzy. Most retail business measure the success of the year by their sales during the Christmas holiday. Pressure to buy is put on us from every conceivable angle. So we do. Who is to say why? Many ingredients make up this need to buy. It is almost as though the act of buying is tied into our belief system: the more we buy, the better off we are. The more prosperous we look. The act of giving, often beyond our means, has become a major part of our identity, wrapped heavily in with the Christmas spirit.
Advertising lends itself well to this need. TV, radio, newspapers. From every conceivable angle, we are driven to buy. Your kids will love you, your life will be better, easier, more enjoyable. And in this process, the TV and radio stations, as well as newspapers, become hooked on the ad’s. Ad revenue is the driving force behind all of these industries. The banking and credit industries are in this same cycle. You can bet most credit is wracked-up during the holidays. That sets the stage for debt to be a never ending year round payment to the banking industry. You can never get caught up with the 20% interest payment you are making. You end up paying the interest payment every month, never the principal.
     So how do we get out of this conundrum? How can we establish some reasonableness to our giving? How can we focus on giving that will be less detrimental to the environment? More focused on local producers of products? Yet still being able to fulfill our need to give, to show our love and gratitude to others. Our love.
     Those, as well as other questions, will be asked at our next podcast. Consumerism: more or less? We hope you will be able to attend. November 14, 6-8pm, at the Knox County Brewing Company.

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