Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Dear Village Friends and Neighbors,
I typically do not share political views with anyone, but the upcoming election impacts all of us. Our Village community is at the crossroads of success and failure.
You are receiving this email because you are in my private email address book. If this email comes to you as an intrusion, I sincerely apologize and ask you simply delete my message.
As you may know, the General Manager and Board of Directors will be asking all voters to choose a position, either FOR or AGAINST the Two-Tiered Assessment proposal. If by chance, you happen to be unhappy with how this plan has been deployed or if you’re interested in supporting a just cause to stop this plan from being thrust upon us, I want to share with you, the formation of a new group called "Villagers for Responsible Change.”  This organization of Villagers has assembled a “VOTE NO” campaign. We believe there is a chance of stopping this proposal if we organize a strong opposition NO VOTE. Our audience is both, non-resident and resident property owners of developed and non-developed lots.
Board Director Frank Leeming tried to stop the vote at the August 20th  Board meeting but was unable to do so. He proposed that the two-tiered assessment plan be tabled until further analysis can be made of our financial needs. He felt this was critical before we move forward with the current plan, or any plan.
As a resident property owner, I believe that we need to get back on solid financial ground and avoid the forecasted deficit. The Future Financial Task Force predicts, if the two-tiered assessment plan passes, we will face yet another deficit in 2019.  We need more than a "Secure Tomorrow" we need a Secure Day After Tomorrow, and Secure Decade and Beyond.  Why should we settle for only 5 years of financial stability? I surely hope to be here much longer than that!
If you agree that we deserve a better alternative than the two-tiered assessment as proposed, please consider VOTING NO.
I encourage you to pass this email on to your fellow Villager property owners. This message needs to be shared.
You may also visit the VOTE NO web page and Villagers for Responsible Change Facebook page:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VillagersforResponsibleChange           Please like us and share us with your friends.
At the August 20th board meeting there was a simple alternative presented by a brilliant, long-term resident of HSV. It's called the “$14 Plan." Simply put, this plan calls for a $14.00, across the board, increase in the assessment. Non-resident and resident property owners will share equally in bringing our Village back into a financially stable position. In fact, this plan will put nearly $1M MORE DOLLARS into our bank account than the two-tiered assessment plan.

This plan will bring our monthly assessment up to $50.68 per month / $608.16 per year. This buys us the distinct privilege of owning a piece of this incredible community.  If you believe in the Village's future, does $50.68 per month sound unreasonable? Sounds like a bargain to me! This amount is significantly lower than most other similar communities. Keep in mind that this is not the only viable alternative.  There are others.  However, first things first, as they say. We are asking NON-RESIDENT and RESIDENT property owners to understand that this plan, and other viable plans,  need to be considered for many good reasons which are documented in detail on our web site. 
To do this, WE (non-resident & resident voters), need to band together and strike down the two-tiered assessment initiative at the ballot box by VOTING NO.
Like most Villagers, I understand that we need to invest in our future; that our assessment fees have not kept pace with inflation; that the health of our infrastructure and future depend upon remedying our financial situation.  However, until we identify a plan that clearly spells out realistic numbers, until we have leadership that believe non-resident and resident property owners should be treated equally, until clear lines of accountability, responsibilities and transparency are assigned, it is detrimental to the future of the Village to move forward with ANY plan.  Have look at the chart below. It should put our numbers into clear perspective:
Current Assessment
Two-Tiered Assessment Proposal Schedule for Vote
1 option:
$14 / Month Across the Board Increase
Developed lot (water meter)
$36.68 / mo.
$440.16 / yr
$65.00 / mo
($339.84 increase)
$50.68 / mo.
$608.16/ yr
($168 increase)
Non-developed lot (no meter)
$36.68 / mo.
$440.16 / yr
$36.68 / mo
(0 increase)
$50.68 / mo.
$608.16/ yr
($168 increase)
Why is our leadership so stuck on a two-tiered assessment plan?  Our General Manager and the Future Financial Task Force used the past increase of $4 as the reason that owners “walked away from their lots.”  Our GM and Board of Directors are afraid to increase the fees for non-resident property owners for fear of more abandonment and moreover, losing their vote.  The number of lots that fell into a delinquent posture over the past years is absolutely not a result of a mere $4 increase in assessments.  Property owners walked away from their lots because the National Economy tanked in 2008. The real estate market all but halted during that time.  NRPI went belly-up and abandoned thousands of lots.  Our property values took a nose dive and to this date have still, not recovered.  The GM’s and Board’s assumption is simply incorrect. 
In summary, the Village for Responsible Change, would like you to visit their website.  We believe there are common threads that run among us – resident and non-resident property owners.  Preservation of our Village, equitable treatment of all our members, Democratic treatment of all viable options and financial stability for more than just the immediately future.
Please consider VOTING NO to help us get the opportunity to do it right the first time.  We may not get another chance. The future of our Village depends upon it.
If you agree, please help this message go viral and share this information with all of your friends.
Thank you for your consideration,
Dan Daddieco
Proud Citizen of Hot Springs Village

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