Thursday, April 27, 2017


     We are spending a lot of money on gate security in The Village. Another $250,000 or so.  I do have to admit, I’m feeling safer already. I would suggest a wall around the entire property, but that idea has already been taken. The four or so gates we have make up a very small percentage of the area a person could walk in on, rob someone, and drive out, through the gate, with their stolen car.
     On a completely different note, I see John Weider is getting  ready to assume the position of board president. This will keep up the string of ex-military leaders we have had over the last years. I like John. He was chairperson of the recreation committee when I was on it. Hopefully, he can overcome things he learned. The “my way or no way” mentality our directors use is unfortunate and undemocratic. It doesn’t work in real life.
     And finally, I would like to make it known that this writing is an example of expressing “positive doubt.” This is not whining. I hate whiners. Positive doubt questions decisions made by our leaders that don’t quite make sense. It does not cast dispersions on their character or attempt to harm their reputation. It is the standing up to the status quo, or conventional wisdom, and asking for clarification or reconsideration. It is what the idea of democracy is based on.
     And I’m glad we won the Alice Cooper Award from Troon. I like Alice Cooper. Lowering our fee would have been a better award, whatever it is. It could probably use lowering. And as a final note, I hope Mike Medica is ok. I haven’t heard anything further.
     And our police are enforcing the 20mph speed limit at cart crossings at night, when no golfers are present. Sweet.

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