Friday, July 7, 2017


  • Some people say I am negative. I say it's good to have doubts. I call it Positive Doubts. I don't like sugar coated nonsense. There is no nobler task than upsetting the status quo. Conventional wisdom is an excuse for not thinking on your own. Just because it has always been that way is wrought with excuses and misguided sentiment.
  • I have serious doubts about people who hide behind Christianity to promote right-wing ideology. I do not think political ideology should be interwoven with theology. It begins to stink. I deeply admire Christ and is teachings. I hate to see them perverted.
  • I believe, when it comes down to it, that humans are inherently good and nonviolent by inclination. When you look around, that is definitely an optimistic viewpoint.
  • I continue to believe you cannot kill people and expect anything good to come of it.
  • I still don't think foreign terrorists are the most dangerous people we have to worry about.
  • I don't think the current administration in Washington is fundamentally good. I think Trump and his cohorts are evil. I hardly think that of anyone.
  • Capitalism cannot work with democracy. They are not compatible. You cannot constantly cheat and steal from people and claim it to be democratic. The rich cannot keep getting richer and the poor poorer and have it called a just and democratic system. 
  • Still, this country is worth doubting over. We could be so much more than we are.

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