Wednesday, February 14, 2018


PRIVATE CLUB VS MUNICIPALITY: Hot Springs Village is a private club. As such, we are not bound by municipal, country or state rule. We can, within reason, pretty much make whatever rules we want to govern ourselves. The recent court decision regarding a two tiered system and our charter, attests to that fact. The court is not interested in a bunch of mainly white folks haggling over money. Democratic rule is not important in a private club. It’s sort of what you would say is a free-for-all. The manager and director’s make the rules, and we follow them. Oh, we have to posthumously agree, but hardly anyone pays much attention. We wrongly assume they are making up these things in our best interest. In doing so, we have moved to a nationalistic, militaristic rule. The POA does not believe they need the member’s advice and/or approval in making most of their decisions. They can, and do, ask our opinions in surveys, but seldom follow the results. They usually have their minds made-up before asking our input. I personally believe this style of leadership has evolved from military influence by our board President’s over the last years. Military leadership is not the place to go looking for democratic leadership,. It is pretty much, “Do as I say, and don’t talk back.” That seems to sum up the POA over the 12 years we have owned property in the Village. Continuing this type of leadership will move us towards becoming a municipality. I have mixed emotions about becoming a municipality, but have no hesitancy at all about demanding democratic, representative rule. I’m not into country clubs. As for the coming election, it looks like more of the same. Radically different approaches to leadership are not welcome. In fact, usually heavily frowned upon.

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