Thursday, February 8, 2018


I looked over the summary of our first ever Candidate Orientation Session. I was unable to attend, which probably helped my mental health. The whole thing looked like a military induction ceremony. It’s  scary when you look at this stuff. “Although board members are elected to serve on the Board of Directors, a homeowners association is not a representative form of government.” (handout). So much for fairness and democracy. “It does mean that favoring a minority interest over the interests of the association as a whole can get a director into trouble.” (handout). Please salute and praise us for our judgement and decisions. I particularly like this: “Open, vigorous discussions about key issues should be encouraged. A board that passes every resolution ‘unanimously’ should evaluate whether it needs to do more to encourage a thoughtful and open discussion.”(handout). Seems we are often called upon to give our opinions after the directors have made up their minds. I came to understand this serving on the recreation committee. Nod your head yes and don’t raise any uncomfortable questions. And a final strike against democratic rule: “Every board’s motto should be “what happens in the boardroom stays in the boardroom…Once an issue is settled by the board vote, the board members who voted against the majority must present a united front.” (handout). Nationalistic. Militaristic. Putting the “POA” ahead of the individuals that make it up.  Getting board members in line before they become board members. The whole thing makes me relatively certain that we should become a municipality, to help insure democratic rule. The whole idea of demanding more loyalty from a director than he or she gives to the citizen is a daunting proposition. A dangerous one. Disheartening.

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