Thursday, June 28, 2018


Questioning the decision makers: What will the CMP look like in 3, 5, or 25 years? My best guess, you’ll be hard pressed to find a copy in 5.
     Citizens are worried about driving our roads, particularly at night. And rightly so. The Village was not designed for older people. The model is terrible. It requires driving on roads that do not meet many of the safety standards required by municipalities or counties. Golf cart crossings were put in many dangerous places, again which wouldn’t be allowed by cities or counties. Besides design issues, our most pressing driving danger is impaired drivers. Most from alcohol and prescription pain killers. Or a deadly combination. Add to that impaired eyesight and failing health, and we probably have an impaired driving rate near 25% after 3pm. At night, the curves and hilly terrain, masked in darkness, makes for an even more dangerous situation. (I’m not mentioning deer intentionally. They’ll want to shoot them all).
     Everything the manager is pointing us toward is designed to build a strong corporation, not a strong community. Board members are warned before being elected to toe-the-line. The proposed vote in November will likely be designed to strengthen that direction. Committees are expected to nod in agreement and are a breeding ground for future presidents. We are generally asked our input after the fact. The manager decides and the board follows along like a loyal corporate board. It is all coming together, and not in our favor.
     My focus has been on running Hot Springs Village like a municipality, not a corporation. But I’m not so sure we shouldn’t become one. Officially.  A municipality, that is. Chances for a more reasonable democratic governing body would be much greater, but of course, not insured in these days and times.

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