Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Black Paper: Why a corporation should not run a city.
     1. Corporations are notoriously dictatorial. The CEO is in charge. The CEO basically appoints the directors. There is usually an election, but it is all for show. We now have a recruitment committee, picking out only the finest followers.  Last election we had a pre-election indoctrination. Management clearly pointed out that anyone elected is expected to tow-the-line. Welcome to Hot Springs Village, the corporation.
     2. Corporations for the most part are not required to follow the Freedom of Information Act. The information you get from a CEO is the information they want you to have. It is not like a municipality, where the citizens are entitled to information. After all, we do pay for it.  From salaries that we pay staff, to what we pay Troon for whatever, to what money we are wasting on the gates, to a greatly overstated marketing plan, we are entitled to know the amounts. Secrets have no place in democratic governance.
     3. The finishing touches are being put on the HSV corporation by most of the proposed changes to the articles and declarations, scheduled for a vote in November. Like any good corporation, most of the changes have to do with clearing the way for someone to make money on our CMP.   At any rate, a good portion of it, if not all, should be voted “No.” This is not a company for a CEO to run. This is a community for an elected council to lead.
     I am becoming more and more convinced that we will need to vote on becoming a municipality, to help insure a democratic form of governance. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to stop this fright train. It starts with a group of committed citizens and a petition.

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