Friday, August 10, 2018


     A spell has been cast on Hot Springs Village. I would call it a corporate spell. The transforming of a community to a business. The promises of riches and success thru building and control. A Board of Corporate Directors rather than a council elected to govern us. A convoluted, complicated, vote on the articles and declarations that govern us. Most of these proposed changes will seemingly move the corporation forward, making profit and value our main goals. Diminishing elected governance. And community.
     Our goals should be to make life more enriching, more engaging, and more enjoyable. This corporate spell can be broken when “we” the people, begin to decide our own direction rather than sitting idly by, allowing management, the directors, and outsiders to dictate our future.
     We can break this spell by using our money and our time to educate one another about aspects of community that we may have forgotten. About looking not only at external aspects of community that can make our lives happier, but internal emotions, feelings, thoughts, expectations, that we have towards ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our community as a whole.
     We need involvement. Do we want a better community? Do you/I have the spirit and determination to make Hot Springs Village a place we can all be proud of and want to be a part of? Lakes and golf courses and natural beauty do not a community make.  If we can muster up enough participation, we can break this spell. I don’t think any of us think corporation, profit, and value should be our primary goals. I don’t believe that is why any of us moved here. The value of our homes is secondary to the value we would receive by a community spirited by the common good. Directed by us.

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