Friday, January 18, 2019


Dear Mr. Weik: What do you think will happen to Hot Springs Village?  Carol
Dear Carol: In my nine years here, the Village has languished in poor leadership, both at the Director’s level, and at the manager’s level. We have been riddled with poor choices, all the way around.

Dear Bruce: Who, or what, do you think we need as Director’s?  Dan
Dear Dan: We need a diverse group of people willing to listen. To us. It is a lost art. CEO’s seldom qualify, as do ranking military. They can be good at talking, but not good at listening or hearing. Business people want to make things look as complex as possible, to show off their expertise in the absurd. Diversity, common-sense, and a willingness to lead are the main ingredients that a Director should possess.

Dear Bruce: How can running a 14,000 resident community be so hard?  Sally
Dear Sally: It is complex because we make it so.

Dear Mr. Weik: What makes you so smart at governing? Robert
Dear Robert: Nothing in particular.

       Dear Bruce: How do you think the Village will end up? All this tension, and fighting and fussing .  Diane
Dear Diane: We will have a new board, a new manager, and hopefully, better golfing days ahead. The budget will never balance, and money will always be tight. People will come and go, regardless of the marketing plan. We have too many people in top management positions, which is a mistake being made by the CEO. We need to limit our mistakes, like a $500,000 CMP; or the gate fiasco; or too many lawsuits; or unnecessary elections/votes. All are costly and use up limited resources. In the end, we will likely become a municipality out of necessity. For better or worse.

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