Thursday, January 31, 2019


     We need change. Not an easy thing for a community of old people. We only have so many changes in us. And they’re running out.
     We need a new city attorney, not a corporate attorney. We need three new directors who are willing to hop on the community train. We need a new manager, or city planner, not a CEO. That would be a good start.
      We need the board to review all positions and salaries. We have way too many upper management types, I’m assuming to make up for the CEO’s lack of experience. We need to keep in-check our spending. We need to keep up what we have, or eliminate some of it. We need to take our income, minus our expenses, and are we in the plus or minus column? We need to eliminate the hocus pocus stuff. We need to not pay for projects in full until the project is completed. This does not require costly CEO’s. This requires someone with common-sense, listening to what the residents want, being directed by a diverse board who understands their job is not to manage, but lead. We need to be sensible in our planning, not crazed with the fantasy of believing we are something that we are not.     We need to embrace openness, compromise, honesty, and plainspokenness.
     The goal at the end would hopefully be a more representative governing body, with their primary objective to make running this community as simple as possible, so that everyone can understand what the end product is and should look like. A 14,500 resident community, sitting in the middle of a pine forest, in the middle of Arkansas, should not be as complicated to run as we are making it.

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