Wednesday, March 6, 2019


     Another election in the Village. And it’s not off to a good start.
     The ballots have been mailed with seemingly no way to identify who is casting the ballot. No signature, no lot identification. While I could hardly believe that anyone would want to “stuff the ballot box,” this mistake allows for the imagination to run wild and casts serious doubt on the validity of the vote.
     I have read that the cost of the election is around $40,000. If that is so, and this needs to be redone, someone should lose their job. People have got to be held accountable for frivolous mistakes. It is a stunning and disheartening discovery.
     Changing direction: hopefully this election, whenever it gets straightened out, will give us three directors who want to correct many of the problems that we are experiencing. I continue to believe a majority of us want community, not company. Directors lead and make policy. A hired manager manages.
     If we need to be a corporation for tax purposes, which I still seriously doubt, then so be it. That doesn’t mean we have to manage ourselves like one. We can adopt rules used in any city in America. Think about where you came from. That town/city, probably was running fairly well with a council and city planner-manager. There are always problems, but they generally manage to get worked out. If nothing else, you elect new people.
     The common good requires us to invest in our own future, departing from the company, with its secrets, isolation, irresponsible spending, and ego driven decisions, toward inclusiveness, togetherness, openness, plain-spokenness, and abundance.
     Community is an act of faith, and the practice of neighborliness is how we move beyond private, “this is what I want,” decisions; transcends sectarian commitments, and offers human solidarity.

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