Thursday, March 21, 2019


1.      It is wrong for a public body to do business in private and not report the action taken to the public. If a company requires you to hire them and keep it a secret what you are paying them, that company should be told to go away. Elected officials are responsible to the public. Keeping things secret is wrong.
2.      Lending money to individuals is not a good policy. Where would that kind of policy end? Friends, neighbors… The lawsuit currently in the court to recover money from one such loan is a frivolous attempt to cover-up a loan that should never have been made. It was wrong.
3.      How hard is it to show that we are in financially sound shape when the POA escrowed upwards of a million dollars after doubling our dues with the 2-tier scheme? Dah. We have obviously not been keeping up with our maintenance and infrastructure. This helps the books in the short term. Combine the two, and boy, do we ever look good. But it is wrong.
4.      All information, for the most part, should be available to us from the POA. All board votes, salaries, contracts, etc., is our information. We are the POA. We are paying the bills. It should not require a lawsuit to get this information. A lose-lose situation for us. That’s wrong.
5.      The gate fiasco is looking more and more like it is our fault. A lawsuit again is being used to cover-up a mistake made by the POA. This is an expensive way to do business. Again, a lose-lose for us. It is wrong for the CEO and directors to blame everyone else for their incompetence, lack of over-site, and apparent abandonment of common-sense.

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