Friday, April 5, 2019


Born to Raise Hell


      Mary and Joseph left Nazareth to be counted by the census being taken by Rome in Bethlehem. They arrived to find that the Inn they had planned on staying in was full. The innkeeper, seeing that Mary was pregnant and about to have a child, allowed them to stay in an out-building, which has been described as a stable. He supplied them with blankets and linens to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
     Herod hired the three wise men to see what was going on with the birth. The baby was being described as “King of the Jews.” The word King upset him. They were basically hired as spies for the King. When the shepherd’s arrived, they were overcome with joy and thanksgiving. Rather than report back to the King in Rome, they fled to the country-side, never to be heard of again.
     In apparent response to the wise men not providing a report, Herod decreed that all first born male children were to be killed. However, there is no historic evidence to suggest this was ever carried out. Something that dramatic would definitely have caught the attention of historians.
     At his same time, another miraculous birth had taken place. Elizabeth, wife of Zackerius, was a cousin of Mary. It is reported that they actually spent about 2 months together while they were pregnant. Writers of the gospels described Mary's pregnancy as an “immaculate conception,” and Elizabeth’s a “miraculous conception.” Elizabeth’s child was named John. He would come to be known as John the Baptizer, (Baptist), who would eventually baptize Jesus.
     Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus left Bethlehem and fled to Egypt. They would eventually return to Nazareth. From that time until Jesus was approximately thirty-three, there is little information available.
 (to be continued)

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