Wednesday, April 3, 2019


           *  How long are we going to act like a corporation rather than a community?
2      *  Where did the idea of company come from? Who championed it? How did we go from a manager to CEO?
    *  What are we paying our CEO?  Top five department heads?
4      *  Are we still paying Twiggs a consulting fee? What would that figure be?
5      *  Do we still pay Troon? What? What for? Facts-figures?
6       * What have we paid so far for the failed gate improvements? Did “we” screw this up? Who was      responsible? Is the lawsuit a cover-up for our mistake?
7      *  Why were so many important things done prior to the new board taking their seats? Why couldn’t it wait? Who authorized passing those things? Why would the new board not undo them?
8       * Why was the contract of the CEO renewed before the new board? What salary was agreed to? How long is the contract for? What accomplishments was the renewal based on?
    Will we be told how much the outdoor pool actually costs us? Did we spend any money with the company prior to the contracts approval?
1    *  How much were our total expenditures trying to get the articles and declarations changed? How much was spent going around to other cities? Did the board vote on these expenditures? In public?
1     * Are you going to limit closed sessions? Do you realize that the discussion during a closed session is the only thing privileged? The action taken is not, and must be told to the public.
1     * Why did the POA make a loan to an individual? Is this legal? Has this been done with anyone other than Chef Johanna? Did the board approve? On what basis?
1     * Why did we buy a costly ladder truck that is not needed in the Village? Did the board authorize this purchase? What was the rational? Does anyone have the training to climb it?
1     * Why was there a psychologist present at the orientation of new board members? Who is paying for this? Why is it necessary? Is this an orientation, or an indoctrination?
       * Who, and what, is behind the CMP? Does it have anything to do with Twiggs? Did any relative, friend, etc., gain by its purchase? Does anyone stand to gain from its implementation?
1     * When can we expect the board to represent the voices and majority opinion of the property owners rather than the CEO?
1     * How is deferring maintenance and operating with a deficit consistent with being a responsible fiduciary?
1     Are realtors telling new property owners that they are buying into a corporation, not a community?
1     How did we turn the running of Hot Springs Village into a corporation rather than a community without a vote? As suggested by the CEO, why would a vote have to be taken to get us out?
2     Is our attorney a corporate attorney or city attorney? Is that person representing us in all the lawsuits? What is our costs for attorney fees?

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