Saturday, April 13, 2019


1.      Hold the door open for anyone older then yourself or a woman.
2.      Never fault a working man for wanting as much as he or she can get for their labor.
3.      Always, without exception, say thank-you.
4.      Never, under any circumstance, believe what a politician tells you.
5.      Big business is something you have to view with a lot of skepticism.
6.      You can become a Republican if you like, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
7.      Be respectful of everyone, regardless of color, social status, or disability.
8.      If you ever get the notion that you are better than anyone else, discord it.
9.      Not many things appear as they are.
10.   Never cry over spilled milk. Either slurp it up, pour another, or drink water.
11.   You can do whatever you want in life, but you can’t undo it.
That’s about as far as we got. My father died when I was 18.

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