Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have wondered who exactly the terrorists are we are fighting. I got out my trusty Webster's to help me focus in on what it is a terrorist is:
Terrorist: A radical who employs terror as a political weapon.
Terror: An overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
Fear: To be afraid or frightened of.
Anxiety: A vague, unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of something dreadful happening.

So, to sum up, we are to be afraid of someone chasing us, who lives somewhere, who for political (and maybe religious) reasons, is attempting to frighten us and make us fearful about the future.

Wow. Whoever, wherever, whatever these people are, they're good. Everybody I talk to is fearful and anxious. Everyone is buying guns. I heard one guy say he bought a whole pallet of ammunition. Some 10,000 rounds. He's really fearful and anxious. Congress is now made up of a body of males who seem to have a handle on terror. They want us to be afraid of the bad guy out there, while they take us to the cleaners. Anti-choice for females; the threat of taking away medicare and social security from the elderly; sending immigrants home; spying on us on every street corner; sending drones around to keep an eye on us; denying imprisoned people a trial; putting religion back in schools; no help for the poor; you get the news we and our corporate friends want you to have. The whole thing makes me nervous as a whore in church.

I listened to Rush Limbaugh the other day. It was by mistake, but I thought a would listen a minute to make sure I wasn't writing or saying anything that might resemble what he is saying. Listening to his right-wing brand of nonsense makes me anxious and fearful. He doesn't seem any different from bin Laden or Saddam. I get that same feeling of dread that I got listening to them. I think it could be terror.

This guy comes up to my door last week. I figure he's selling something. He had on a white, long sleeved shirt, which, if you know me, is in and of itself enough to make me anxious. He could have been a politician, but I figured preacher. Either way, I'm anxious. One's after my money, the other, my soul. Terror right at my front door. Scared the ever-living hell out of me.

Health-care really makes me anxious. All the right-wingers want ObamaCare repealed, and not a one of them can explain what it is or what it means to any of us. Humans who don't want other human to have even the minimal amount of health-care offered in the Obama plan, which is pitifully inadequate. That "take care of me and don't help anyone else" attitude makes me real nervous. That's sheer terror.

There's terror everywhere. I think my dog recently terrorized the propane man delivering tanks. AIDS is a terrible terror. Alzheimer's. Alcoholism. The weather. The evening news is make up of 85% terror. Shootings in places I've never heard of, as though I need to know that. Terror in the morning paper. I turn around and someone yells Boo. It all scares me.

Terror. Terror. Terror. Everywhere you turn there's terror. It's horrible. It grabs hold of your heart and makes you anxious and fearful. I wouldn't waste much money bombing Afghanistan. It's much closer than that. It's right around the corner. Right outside the gate. In Little Rock and Washington, and Mississippi, and South Dakota.

Here's a cheap antidote, simple but somewhat effective. A prayer evoking divine protection. Chant it over and over, but try not to let the neighbor hear, you'll strike terror into their heart, thinking your a Muslim. Try it out, carefully:
I know who I am.
I know where I come from.
I will not allow anyone to make me feel fearful and anxious.
I am not afraid. 

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