Thursday, November 14, 2013


-Capitalism is not the great invention it is made out to be. Placing the world in the hands of big business is dangerous.

-An industrialized country without universal health-care is a backward, regressive, uncompassionate wasteland of profiteers.

-Evangelists are capitalists turned religious.

-The choice of women to bear children cannot be regulated and/or legislated by overzealous men bent on controlling women. It has never worked in the past, and will not work now or in the future. To make abortion illegal will put coat hangers back in business. All the energy being wasted on the subject is a pitiful waste of time.

-You cannot put people to death in the hopes of showing them that killing is wrong. Violence begets violence. It always has, it always will.--

-Right-wing Christian conservatism is wrong. It is based on the assumption that Christ was a Republican, which He most certainly would not have been.

-The new welfare system is based on the assumption that business will do right by folks who want to work for a decent paycheck rather than just being given money. It is not working. Businesspersons will not treat the poor fair. They see them only as sources of cheap labor.

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