Monday, June 8, 2015


Number one: It's inhabited by humans.

Number two: There are way too many right-wing, Republican, Christians. One or two would be ok. Evolution would take care of them.

Number three: With everyone carrying a gun, what we are going to end up with is nothing but sorrow. That, and a bunch of itchy trigger fingers.

Number four: Just exactly how ignorant do you have to be to deny evolution and human produced climate change? I'm going with an IQ of 50 or less.

Number five: Capitalism will not work. We have way too many people with no intention of sharing the wealth. Walton family: $120 billion; Kock Bros.: $85 billion; Bill Gates: $79 billion; Warren Buffett: $72 billion. This amount of personal wealth is destroying the economy and dangerously distancing the rich from the poor. Violent revolution will be the result.

Number six: We have a right-wing Supreme Court who place ideology above justice. And five of them will do nothing that would get them excommunicated from the Catholic church. Abortions will soon be moving to the back alleys of America, completing our evolution back to a third world country.

Number seven: Health-care has become a commodity for sale to the highest bidder. Who would have ever thought sickness would leave people bankrupt? It's almost unbelievable that we do not view health-care as a right. Only in America.

Number eight: Perpetual war. Props up the economy and makes the rich richer, while the poor fight unwinnable wars. These cosmic wars against terrorism are promoted on every holiday and at every sporting event in America. It is all designed to keep us living in fear. Little do people know that they are more likely to be killed by lightening than by a terrorist. Now they want our contributions to care for those they put in harms way. I thought that's why we send them our tax dollars? And we no longer face the enemy. Now it's war by remote control. Drones. Seems like a glorified video game. The dead are no longer fellow human beings: no fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, uncles, cousins. Only spots on a GPS. Bang! Sorry if there were any civilians around. Collateral damage, acceptable in this new sport.

Number nine: Big business and big money now run America. Elections are for the most part a joke. Democracy is fading. Welcome to the brave new world.

I was going to list ten, but I'm tired of this. It's way too depressing.But it does make for some good peeves. There is never a shortage.

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