Saturday, March 24, 2018


On turning seventy: I haven’t been a great world traveler. Most of my exploring has been done within my mind. I’ve wondered a lot about what my place in the world is. How it is that I think the way I do. I ask a lot of questions about religion. Some days, God doesn’t make any sense. Day’s when young kids get shot. Or someone is tortured for no good reason. I wonder why our leaders are so inflicted with “me-ism.” In my mind, I can journey to a place where there are no guns. Where politicians are more interested in the common good than they are in practicing “me-ism.” I can see everyone with the healthcare they need. A place where all can find shelter in warmth and security. People not killing one another in the name of peace and democracy. Where your skin color doesn’t matter; your religion doesn’t matter; your sexual preference doesn’t matter; your sex doesn’t matter; your country of origin doesn’t matter. Only you and the other matters. I can get to these places in my mind, regardless of the obstacles. I don’t have a lot of need for travel.
And I don’t have a lot of things on a bucket list. For my 70th birthday, I’m going to get a tattoo because I think they are neat. And Ann and I are going to Cuba. I’m going on a study tour to learn about revolution. Short of that, I’ve pretty much done what I need to do. When you almost die at age 52, you come to understand that you had better not wait too long to do what it is you need to. Oh, I have plenty of room to be a better person. A better husband. A better father. A better citizen.  A better friend. You never get to where you want to be with those things. That bucket never gets full. So for being 70 on April 4, I’m ready. Maybe something will come up for 71. I hope I’ll be around to let you know.

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