Thursday, March 29, 2018


People over POA. That’s what we all, well, almost all, of us think. I would not think of Hot Springs Village as a corporation. I don’t believe we are stockholders. I believe we are a community. We should be using municipal rules. Instead, we have, I don’t know exactly what. “Although board members are elected to serve on the board of director’s, a homeowners association is not a representative form of government.” That was from a handout at the board orientation. Another: “It does mean that favoring a minority interest over the interests of the association as a whole can get a director into trouble.” (We saw this first-hand with Mermel being reprimanded by the board president).
To further support this crazy notion that we are a corporation, listen to the manager and president: “The time for dissent is before a vote. After a board vote, members should accept the results and work as one. Once the board has spoken, the board has spoken.”(manager). “You can have an opposing viewpoint, but we hope it is not taken to an extreme.” (president). This doesn’t strike me as democratic. Democracy requires dissent. To squelch that in any way is to move away from a citizen oriented form of government. Yes, dissent makes life hard for the leadership, but that’s how it should be.
Our leadership needs to be reprimanded, which the election has seemingly done. I have no idea what the new director’s will do. Hopefully, they will challenge this notion that we are a corporation vs community. Hopefully, they will suggest that we need to adopt municipal rules. Hopefully, they will make our governing more transparent. Hopefully, they will bring it from behind closed doors.
This whole notion should scare you. Or better, make you mad. People over POA.

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