Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I see a Lutheran church on Desoto have gotten into the anti-choice business. I notice some of their crosses are on public land, which is apparently a failure to communicate. I DON'T WANT THEM THERE, AND I'M THE PUBLIC. To say you are pro-life is extremely misleading. I assume the minister is also telling the congregation that capital punishment is wrong; that the war's in Iraq and Afghanistan are wrong; that all our corn crops should be turned into food crops to feed the hungry in the world; that the church will immediately build a mission to house the homeless, provide health-care for those who can't afford it; that the church will adopt any child whose mother they talk out of having an abortion, pay all the medical bills, and raise that child to age 18. If any church meets those conditions, I'll help them put up those pro-life signs. Until such time, they are anti-choice, anti-female, pro-white male. All they are doing is spreading hateful nonsense and making women feel guilty for a horrible decision they may have to make. It's not unlike the church and white males to do this. Hiding behind a collar does not make it legitimate or moral or give it any level of religiosity. It only makes it crueler.

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