Monday, January 6, 2014


The Board of Directors voted 4-2 (Cooney, Bryant, Bateman, Shelton supporting; with Leeming, Atkins not supporting) to hold secret meetings on the subject of Property Owner liability (Association finances).  This is not only a violation of the Board members fiduciary responsibility to the Members (Owners) but a direct conflict of the Board’s own Shared Value “Open Communications”.  This is becoming common practice of persons in responsible positions to disregard those rules they don’t want to honor.  Every Member should write to the Board member supporting these closed meetings and alert them to the fact that the Members are capable of understanding the finances that are their obligation and Members don’t need Directors who may poses lesser knowledge or experience making secret decisions behind their back.
I take particular exception with Director Cooney’s assertion that businesses have closed meetings excluding “owners” who stand liable for financial decisions.  And yes, Mr. Cooney, the Property Owners are just that, the OWNERS.  All moneys obligated by the Association represent a liability against every lot in the Association.  The POA staff is employed to execute functions of the Associations and meet responsibilities to the Owners.  The GM, Mr. Twiggs, is employed by the Board on behalf of the Property Owners to manage the day-to-day operations in a manner to minimize Owners’ costs while maintaining and preserving the Associations assets and providing services.  In short these “closed door meetings” are about “taxing” Members and spending Members money.
Director Shelton is in error in his assertion that this represents appropriate cause for “closed door” meetings, while the only cause for “closed door” or “executive sessions” meetings is for employee disciplinary actions or legal actions.  There are no other reasons for “closed door” meetings.
I do not see any knowledge base on the Board that is not replicated throughout the Association and in many cases Members posses’ greater knowledge and experience in these matters than any Board member.  Considering the statements by either Cooney or Bryant, it is ludicrous to imply that the Members cannot understand the subject matter of these meetings.
Board actions relative to the future of the Association is of prime importance to all Owners who have varying financial investments in this Association and stand responsible for financial liabilities. 
The Board should immediately rescind their decision to meet behind closed doors, honoring their own Shared Value for Open Communications, and announce meeting times and places so all Property Owners interested can attend.  Furthermore, no decisions should come out of this task force that expands the financial liability of Property Owners without consensus.
I encourage all Property Owners to weigh in on this issue with the Board members since it is your pocket book on the line.
Larry Frazer

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