Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Thank you for your suggestion to increase golf rounds and revenue. It is always a pleasure to receive positive suggestions from the membership. Your suggestion looks as though it could, indeed be a win-win for everyone. The program, however, would be near impossible and very costly to monitor. In addition, the opportunity for abuse is overwhelming. For instance members would just play the same hole over and over, forward and backward, but never talk to the pro shop. They could also play the same hole from, say 50 yards, over and over again. These actions would lead to wear on the course and no increase in revenue. In addition, they would not know if someone on the course was coming up on to them. We currently have the problems where members are jumping on the course and are not annuals. Because of the action required to monitor this program we cannot go forward with your suggestion.

If you have any questions. Please contact me by phone (922-3954) or e-mail at jackanet@sbcgloble.net.

Thank you again.
Jack Slattery
Golf Committee chairman

It would appear an arbitrary answer was given by the chairman of the golf committee with no consultation with the other members. While the proposal may be problematic, it deserves discussion by the committee. To unilaterally dismiss it is typical of the Village. Not trusting us to be reasonable about implementing some type of similar proposal is a serious issue residents need to take up.    Bruce

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