Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The candidates are Mike Medica, Mary Nelson, and Lu Otto. All of them said we need to preserve and enhance our amenities, improve our financial status, and somehow let the world know that we exist. Nothing new.
The most critical question for me was "what about secret, or closed, meetings. Media took himself out of the election by suggesting that he would have voted for the closed meetings. The other two gave much more sensible answers. There are times that an elected body can go into closed, or executive session. They include some financial issues, the most often being lawsuits against the body. Personnel issues can also be discussed in closed session. But never, ever, can a public body vote in closed session. This is a violation of public trust. We have no way of judging how the Directors are doing if we cannot see it and discuss it.
My vote goes to Nelson and Otto. Hopefully, they will remain true to their word, and this policy will get changed.

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