Monday, February 24, 2014


1. There are way too many Republicans. Unfortunately, most are of the right-wing variety. My brain don't work that way, I don't understand it. It seems such an undeveloped, self-interest ideology. I continue to believe it is rooted mainly in racism. These people are all fearful that someone is going to take away their stuff. Thus, the gates.
2. The roads are very difficult to drive in the Village. As everyone grows older, the number of accidents is going to dramatically increase. Desoto is terrible. I take Highway 5 whenever I can, which is no picnic. I don't know who would build roads like these. I've never been able to figure that out.
3. There are a lot of rules. This comes with a conservative crowd. Most appear as a result of fear and lack of trust. Signs. Signs. Everywhere there are signs.
4. Tied into # 2, you have to drive everywhere you go. This is a design flaw in the Village. Cooper built the place for the young, not the old. Unfortunately, the young can't afford to live here. When you get too old to drive, you're goose is cooked. The only salvation from this is to develop neighborhoods, which at this point will be very difficult to accomplish.
5. Related to number 1 & 3, everyone is too wrapped up in what they used to be. WE have a lot of ex-military and ex-CEO's, whose potty training seems to have been too harsh. They lack trust and do not take well to listening and accepting advice. They never have had to, and find it an impossible adjustment. It's their way or the highway. This results in the status quo being the general rule. If this attitude prevails, the Village will disintegrate into sameness and lack of progress. Diversity needs to increase, and conservatism needs to decrease.

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