Monday, December 28, 2015


Killing people with drones is not justified under any circumstances. It does matter how you conduct yourself in times of war.

Arming everyone with handguns is insane. You say it’s for safety. I say it’s for fear. It does matter.

You preach on and on about the hungry and how terrible it is that children go to bed at night hungry. Yet, have you every handed a hungry child a sandwich? It does matter.

So you are against abortion. After all, your minister thinks it’s sinful. Have you ever talked to a woman about to have an abortion? Have you asked her why? It does matter.

You believe that politician when he says climate change is a bunch of liberal garbage. Did you ask him where he got his information? Or did you ask to see his relevant Ph.D. It does matter.

You think white people are superior to all others.  Can you hear your fathers or mothers voice when you think that? It does matter.

You believe the rich should get all of the governments resources and that the poor are living high-off-the-hog on food stamps and welfare. How about I help you trade places with someone who is down and out. You too can lead the good life. It will matter.

You think the government interfering in our private lives and private talks is a matter of security and safety. Have you given any thought at all in terms of what it means to democracy? It does matter.

We seem to believe it is alright to torture the enemy in the name of freedom and democracy. If so, they can do the same when they catch us. You don’t think it matters, but it does. Endorsing evil always matters.

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