Monday, December 14, 2015


Love is a four letter word. Love comes in a variety of flavors, none of them violent. Love should be gentle and kind, not abusive and painful. It means having to say you are sorry, but not too often. Love is at the heart of life, but you never quite know what someone means when they say, "I love you," or "I sure love life." Love does not like to get pinned down. Love is a lot of things. Parental love is a lot different than romantic love. Romantic love is usually what we think about when we think about love. Here is a love that can taste like the finest chocolate, and in the next instant, can burn like the glowing redness of a branding iron, about to touch skin. It can be heavenly, the next second make you swear you are in hell. That's love. It bobs and weaves its way through our lives. It speaks to our happiest times and often to our saddest. Its hold on our heart opens up the possibility to see, touch, and feel The Great Mystery.

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