Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Clarence Thomas. I don't understand a black man who becomes a racist. Maybe his experiences have turned his heart into stone. You see those heart-shaped stones laying around every now and then. Maybe they are what remains of many a hardened heart. He undoubtedly has dealt with a lot of racism during his life. In his pursuit to get ahead, gain some notoriety, he seems to have left behind, or forgotten, what he is. Who he is. He has taken on a rich, arrogant, white man's way. He has forgotten the breaks he was given; the criticism and hatred he has seen, not for his intellect or ideas, but for his color. His life is now calling into question that character in a different way. Everything that has chipped away at his original self has left him wondering in the wilderness. Fighting against himself and everything you would think he holds dear. He is not the only black man currently lost. Ben Carson is doing the same thing. It is strange the two are on the national scene at the same time. Both intelligent, well accomplished in their fields. Both could potentially move the cause for justice and equality for minorities forward in immeasurable ways. Instead, they take positions that would not have allowed them to prosper. Maybe extreme selfishness. Maybe they are bought and paid for by right-wing, white, Republicans. Maybe slavery still exists. I don't know. They both seem like shadows floating across the landscape, not recognizing who or what they are, or the difference they could make. It is hard for me to understand and is sad to see.

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