Monday, December 28, 2015


Another Presidential election. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. This year's highlight seems to be debates. Debates every other week. Some claim not enough debates. Not fair. Kept out of the debates. A debate requires a point-counterpoint. A discussion. A bantering back and forth. A parleying. Particulars. Tension. A winner. A loser. It is an intellectual endeavor. A reasoned undertaking. A movement toward "the truth." Watching the recent presidential debates, the feeling comes to mind that does not indicate a debate so much as a comedy. A discussion of dreams from long ago that have atrophied. A bantering back and forth like guinea hens. One step forward, two back. One step forward, two back. Questions are posed to them that are never answered. They utter only what will satisfy their campaign contributors. The big ones. The dinosaurs. The whales. The questions never get expounded on. Only evaded. Dodged. Run away from. Dismissed. They don't seem to have any answers. It is all make-believe. Fabrications. A fictitious sham.A feigning of the truth. They spread words with no meaning. Ambiguous. Cryptic. Double-edged nonsense. Nothing about hunger, war, drones, phone taps, child abuse, environmental destruction, corporate prisons, corporate politicians, the unreasonably rich, the failure of capitalism, gun control, education for all. Some of these require stringing words together. They don't like that. A sentence can mean more than just the words. And words can be cheated. Misconstrued. Mistaken. All the wrong words, for all the wrong reasons. It's not a debate. It's a deception. A mendacity. A prevarication. A whopper.

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