Saturday, December 19, 2015


We elect the POA. That makes them amateur politicians. They're poor ones. Our last two presidents have been military. That's never good. Military trained colonels are not fond of democracy. They aren't used to it. The military is as far away from  democratic rule as you can get. Do as I say, no need to discuss it. They never can get over that. So we have a POA that is not very democratic. In some ways, this comes with the territory. Private clubs do not need to be democratic. And that is basically what we are. A private club with gates. The POA has seven reasons why they can go into private, closed session. The seventh basically states we can go into closed session whenever we think it is necessary. Despite continuous protests over this, they have never changed it. The state of Arkansas has three reasons why they can go into closed session. You can see the disparity. I have prayed that they correct this, but I'm afraid colonel's don't heed prayers. Otherwise, there would be no need for colonel's. Most people pray for peace. Anyway, the POA needs a lot of changes. And they never come. I voted for a director in the last election who immediately did what she said she wouldn't do. That was vote of support closed sessions. She has since quit. No reason given. She has an obligation to me and whoever else voted for her to serve. If not, she owes us an explanation. This isn't a backyard tree house club. Although it is a club, and there is probably a tree house somewhere in the Village. The only good director we have is going to quit. He did give us a reason. Because he is disgusted with how the directors direct. God, I am sorry my prayer has turned into something of a rant. I don't know what you can do. We're the fools. Maybe grant us dispensation for our foolishness, and let's call it even.
In spite of it all,

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