Thursday, May 19, 2016


I notice a lot of pickups with ramming bars in the front. Most of them are 4 wheel drive, super huge things. I suppose the reasons they are put there can be numerous, but the most vivid one that comes to my mind is if I hit you, you are going to die, not me. Lately I've seen ramming bars on semi's. They don't need a ramming bar to kill me, they are big enough to do the job without. While I can't fault the drivers for wanting to live, I have a hard time with their life being more valuable than mine. They are lucky I am not the Secretary of State for all 50 states, because those things would not be on any vehicles. I trust no current Secretary of State will do anything. They are all too  big of ass kissers. They wouldn't want to upset anyone. Particularly someone with a ramming bar.

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